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Helping “Non-Writers” Produce First Drafts

Not Sure How to Write Everyday?

You are accomplished. Writing code, shipping product, running your online store or even selling tacos are all easy. Yet, when you start writing you feel clumsy, even unconfident. ((linking sentence))

You are not alone in wanting to write more and better. If you are an indie maker you know that content can be an affordable way to get traffic to your site. Your online store gets more referrals as you educate your customers about using a moka pot and selecting the right brands. As a consultant you know that you must create content that differentiates you. Words like “signature content” and “personal monopoly” are bandied about my online authorities often selling expensive courses.

Think about this. How many writing apps have your tried? How many courses have you enrolled in to learn to write? How many unfinished drafts do you have? If you answer is more than a few apps, courses and unfinished drafts then maybe Write Invisible is for you.

And we mean you, and your inner critic.

Write Like No One Is Looking

(especially your inner editor)

In 2017, when we started Write Invisible the slogan was “Kill Your Inner Editor”. Since then we have learned that that discerning voice inside your head is super important when deciding to publish and to fine tune your writing. That is its place.

Your inner editor has no place when you start writing. It will stop you from writing quickly, limit your creativity and make the entire writing process difficult. That is why on Write Invisible you write without seeing what you are writing. In more salesy speak – Write Invisible is an extreme distraction free editor.

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Without distractions you should write more. But, lets face it that distraction free writing space did not work out. It is a problem that beta users faced on Write Invisible. They would try the app out and some write a several thousands words if they were immersed in research activity, like dissertation writing. But they often would not return. Turns out writing one big chunk is extremely difficult and tiring. Others would write a few paragraphs and not return. Turns out “distraction free” is needed, but not enough.

Write Invisible makes extreme distraction free work by designing the application to build confidence and daily small wins. Write Invisible builds confidence through offering guides through different types of writing. We have started with sales page and a basic blog post. You answer a couple of questions and leave with a draft. Lets me clear we not selling shiny objects – you will need to edit and work hard on the draft, and maybe even throw it out. But the “win” is that you have a draft.

Our community includes a monthly writing sprint where you write with others.

Write a journal, blog post and even a sales letter

Write Invisible recognises that you write different things. We use prompts for you to write in your journal, or draft a blog post or even a sales page. By breaking down writing into answering small and focused question the process becomes so much easier. In many cases you will need 7 minutes to write and accomplish a task.

How does Write Invisible Work?

Write Invisible is a writing app where you do not see what you write.

1. Write

Write without seeing what you write. Write Invisible has prompts for sales letters and basic blog posts.

2. Read your first draft

Your writing is delivered to your email, as a downloadable document and online. Is it good enough to continue working on?

3. Edit and share

Edit your work. Share, reflect and publish. Yay.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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