Anyone ever told you that you should
“think before you ink” ?

We are taught that what is read must be good, even excellent. After all someone will read what you write. Yet, good writing does not work like that. Good writing starts as bad first drafts. Some writers even call the first draft a ‘vomit draft’. Yet, even knowing this many writers fail to write.

Writing became valuable

It sounds easy to just write but anxiety about writing has grown as writing has became more valuable. Some might even say the most important skill in a knowledge economy. The standard advice write for niche, write consistently and build an audience. This is good advice. Yet, even knowing this many writers fail to write.

Context Matters

Our world has a deluge of information and standing out is difficult. Our culture tell us to covet the feedback of an audience. Between wanting to stand out and wondering if we are any good we often become stuck for different reasons.

Unconfident writer: The writer who wants to writes but keeps second guessing herself. Reluctant writer: professional who hardly ever write (developers I am looking at you), but now need to write to grow an audience.

Write without worrying.

Imagine writing without second guessing yourself, and feeling comfortable writing when you do not usually write. The confidence to produce first drafts and to produce them quickly. And most importantly to use writing to think.

Write Invisible is an extreme distraction free writing app build.

It is not for everyone.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: You start typing. After one minute you get a message to say keep writing.

Step 2: Once you have completed your writing session, you writing is available for editing in word processor and is stored on the website.

Step 3: Start redrafting and editing.

Ready to get started?

To get started click the button below. There is a 14 day free trial, with no credit card information required. After 14 days, you may opt to continue using Write Invisible for a fee.

Don’t worry, there is no risk or obligation.

Thoughtful exercises

Write Invisible offers writers an extreme distraction free writing environment. That in itself works really well. Distraction free writing is however challenging. Our lab helps to make distraction free writing easier and goal orientated. Our lab has three journeys:

Know Your Product – Zip through 18 core questions on product or service. In the end, you will marketing pages for a website.

Daily Journal – Be reflective. Do not let letters on a screen stop you from writing.

Article Writing – A tricky journey to design. But, we ask some basic questions that will lay out the bases for a good article.

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