I have never suffered writer’s block, until I struggled to complete my MA research paper.  I hacked together a solution for this. Literally within a couple of weeks I had completed a draft done. I did not know it at the time but others found the website helpful.

Some background might help – I work as an independent public policy analyst, which is my vocation. I work as a freelancer so being able to write quickly and clearly is a must.

Over the next few months, I had about a dozen regular users. The only challenge was the name “Eishapp” – which makes sense in South Africa, and nowhere else. Hence, the rebranding to Write Invisible.

This website is the next iteration of that solution. Use it to write. Your writing is just a click away. 


One of the earliest issues I faced was questions on privacy. I take this very seriously.  Here is what we do:

  • Your writing is not stored on our database. Because email sometimes fails, we keep a copy of your writing for a day – we would hate for you to loose your work.
  • We do not retarget you in advertising campaigns, so we will not follow you around the Internet with ads.
  • In fact, you do not even have to email your writing to yourself, if you know how to copy and paste.

Paid Plans – No writer left behind

We will have a premium paid account soon, and it will be affordable.

I have however been at that place where even a few dollars might as well be a million dollars. I simply could not afford it. If you are in that position, send us a note and we will provide an emphatic and sympathetic response (and access to paid features for six months).


The site is about you, but you may want to know a little about me. My name is Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen. Here is a link to my personal website (which is very neglected but tells you a little about me).

You still here?

Thanks for reading, but I would much rather have you writing.